Our single screw extruders are developed to be used in the most standard applications. They are available in several sizes with different screw L/D ratio and screw design according to the material to process and the end application, should they be technical profiles, pipes, tubes or others


Main features

Available in 3 sizes: 30, 45, 60 and 75mm

High efficient AC Motor with frequency converter

Nitrided barrel with smooth or grooved feed zone

High efficient heating control with ceramic band heaters and air cooling

Touch screen interface with PLC control

extruder MC-EX45-28D
extruder MC-EX30-28D
Co-extrusion system for corrugated pipe  MC-EX60-28 + MC-EX75-28D
co-extruder MC-COEX-TM20-28D
co-extruder MC-COEX-TF20-18D
Co-extrusion flexible heated hoses