Extrusion heads, dies and calibrators

Vacuum and cooling tanks

Calibration tables

Pullers ( Haul Off)

Saws and cutting guillotines

Winders ( Coilers for pipe and profiles)

Unloading tables and stackers

 Calibration table Tecnocanto MC-MV200
Cooling and vacuum tank
Vacuum and cooling tank Tecnocanto MC-TVAR6000
Puller (Haul Off) Tecnocanto MC-PT500
Puller (Haul Off) Tecnocanto MC-PT750
Puller (Haul Off) Tecnocanto MC-PT1300
Pipe / Profile saw Tecnocanto MC-SEP250
Planetary saw MC-SEPLAN32
Rotating blade guillotine Tecnocanto MC-GUI50R
Winder (coiler) for flexible pipes and profiles MC-BPS200
Winder (coiler) for flexible pipes and profiles MC-BPD200 - double station
Winder (coiler) for pipes MC-BT300R
Pipe winder (Coiler) TECN-BT700L
Triple pipe winder (coiler) MC-BT3
 Thread winder - One station - MC-BN250-1 - and Two stations MC-BN250-2
Dry pelletizer